We will sketch out an IT technological roadmap, strategies, and direction for the company operations and help you to align technology to your business goals. Our team has innovative business sense, lends their technical expertise to your firm, and takes it forward as per your business requirement. We offer customized and affordable, professional IT services, both for established organizations and start-ups. Our team will help your business to ramp up its online presence and reach to your target consumers. The solutions we provided are innovative in their sense and cost-effective that fits your budget. We offer safe operations, IT architecture, Strategies and Planning, and build a platform between the IT domain and the business.

We Offer
  • Domain Names, Domain Name System & Web Hosting
  • Virtual Phone System
  • Google Business Information
  • Microsoft 365
  • Company Email Address
  • Mail Verification Services

Office/Branch Networks

In an era of technology, the Office network becomes the heartbeat of every business’s workplace. As dependency increases on networking, it is very important to professionally manage your network services. We at IT Masters offer basic services ranging from simple network access, traditional WAN and LAN connections to software-based networking Our expert team helps you to simplify networking, save cost, increase efficiency and control network capacity based on your business requirements. Our team is an expert in managing the network processes, which helps you provide seamless and consistent services to your customers. We offer the most efficient and dependable networks based on fast fibre connectivity, secure Wi-Fi and VPNs, and Advanced Network Threat Protection, Content Filtering and Website Blocking.

We Offer
  • Wi-Fi Network Security
  • NOC Alert Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Business Static IP Address
  • Advanced Security Threat protection
  • Content Filtering/Website Blocking

Team Members Services

As a business’s dependence on technology grows, it is very important to keep your business functioning efficiently and avoiding the constant threat of cyber attacks. Our Teams have a systematic approach to providing security for any organization’s IT infrastructure through various services customized as per organizational requirements. We offer you 24*7 services and 360⁰ protection for your organization. We offer you modern cloud-based business apps including web conferencing, email, cloud storage/shared storage and Microsoft 365, Web Apps for enhanced productivity for your business.

We Offer
  • Data Management & Loss Prevention
  • Intrusion Prevention & Content filtering
  • Patch and Anti-virus Management
  • Security Configuration Management & Hardening of IT Assets
  • IT Security Dashboards
  • Cloud Storage

Device Management

Often it becomes very difficult to manage the set up of devices at the workplace, here with our services we offer to manage your devices properly. Our team will take care of hardware and software of your IT infra at your workplace. We will involve in installing the device and component-level drivers and related software, and customize the device as per the workflow requirements of your business. We will also implement security measures and processes to avoid the potential threat of cyber attacks. Our team provides the right equipment, apps, maintenance and support tools so you can be certain that your business will stay on track and remain productive all the time. Whether you’re looking to make the most of new or existing equipment, we offer you 24*7 support services!

We Offer
  • Complete Microsoft 365 Desktop Apps
  • Endpoint Antivirus and Malware Protection
  • Device Monitoring & Alerting
  • Automated Patch/Update Management
  • Remote-Access Helpdesk Tools